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Oxygen systems for all flights! We sell the full range of products - get in tuch if you miss something!

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Oxygen refilling

Filling a bottle inside 5 year maintenance interval

O2D1-2G Kit

The O2D1-2G kit comes with (2) AA batteries and 2 cannulas (1 Standard and 1 Flare-Tip) and 1 face mask in a handy carry bag. General info on oxygen systems:

XCR Regulator (DIN-477)

The XCR series of regulators are essentially single-outlet. These regulators feature the SMC quick-lock system for the 4 mm. and 6 mm. polyurethane tubing. Available with a built-in cylinder pressure gauge. These XCR Regulators are DIN-477

Oxygen annual refilling

Come and fill your oxygen bottle as needed as long as your subscription is valid!

Service on Mountain High EDS Oxygen and regulator

System is shipped to Mountain High and serviced. Were parts are replaced as needed. Shipping to US is not included. When you puhcase this product , we will contact you and find a suitable way to send the unit. Preferably we will ship several systems at the same time. PS: We need both the EDS unit AND the regulator