WINGMAN Standard

Personal Emergency Parachute
Manufacturer: Paratec
SKU: 35040100-standard

The Standard WINGMAN can be equipped with 3 different canopy sizes.

The parachute pack is 50cm long and 35cm wide. Depending on the canopy size packed inside, the thickness (excl. removable cushion) will vary:

  • 3.5 cm WINGMAN 190 - 88 kg recommended weight
  • 4.0 cm WINGMAN 220 - 105 kg recommended weight
  • 5.0 cm WINGMAN 250 - 115 kg recommended weight

NOTE: You can customize all fabric colors on the container and harness. Possible colors are:

Black, dark silver, silver, navy blue, royal blue, red, forest green, irish green, turquiose, white.

Upon order, we will send you a order form where you can customize all colors, and harness buckles, back pad cusion, chest strap width etc.

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